CE.BASS combines transparent analog compression with a clean boost and a 2-band EQ design to give smooth compression with a serious bottom-end and a crisp top-end. The all analog high quality signal path, with high-impedance input and adjustable output level, makes CE.BASS perfect to sit in front of your signal chain.

Any style of music or bass technique that you play will benefit as each note will be produced at a consistent level. CE.BASS preserves your attacks and sustain while smoothing out the level across the strings, bringing out the softer notes.

Internal switches allow you to change the compression ratio. This setting only affects the compressor ratio, preserving the punchy attack and natural sustain of your bass guitar. Once the ratio is set, you can forget about it and just focus on playing.

Main Features
  • All analog design taking some of the best vintage compressors and EQs as reference.
  • TREBLE (+20dB / -16dB @ 8kHz)
    This control has more boost than cut to give crisp and clean high frequency enhancement. Winding the control all the way down works as a high frequency cut.
  • BASS (+12dB / -7dB @ 40Hz)
    Winding up this control, the bass boost curve continues to rise towards the lower frequency of 40Hz without flattening out at any frequency within the normal bass guitar range. Winding the control all the way down works like a shelving curve, having a typical flat response from 40 - 100Hz when fully cut.
    Sets the level of the output buffer stage feeding the output jack directly. The level control allows for adjustment of the unity gain between the EQ and the true bypass switch.
  • Internal DIP switches for setting compressor ratio.
  • True By-pass for quick setup.
  • Built with quality components
  • Runs on a regulated 9V DC power adapter with fx pedal standard centre-negative plug (less than 100mA). For ecological reasons it does not use batteries.

RRP AUD $368.00 (incl GST)